It Works!

The first and most important thing to understand about Tarot is that it works. Not works for the man on stage, the lady at the fair, or your New-Age friend. It works for anyone who wants it, including you.

Get a deck, do a three card spread each day. Do a reading for a friend. Let your friend do a reading for you. Take a class. Get a reading from a stranger. Do a reading for a stranger. Go to a fair and let a professional read your cards, and know that their reading is no more valid than the ones you’ve been doing already.

But first, throw out the little book that comes with the deck, or at least hide it in the back of a closet for now. You won’t need it, except maybe to learn the positions of a spread. Remember, a book is not reading the cards, YOU are.

Lay out the cards. If you’re not feeling brave, maybe a small three card spread. If you’re ready to jump in with both feet try the Celtic Cross, or maybe the Tree of Life spread. Look at the cards. Make up a story about the pictures. Go out on a limb. Let your “crazy” thoughts out.

You may never get beyond the I can’t believe it’s working feeling. That’s O.K. You may only pick up the cards occasionally, when you’re down or troubled. That’s O.K. And you may decide that Tarot is something you want to study and practice daily. And that’s O.K. too. Tarot is a tool for your use, however it works for you, not a discipline to be endured.

This site can be used to learn to read the cards, but primarily it is designed to be a series of thoughts, or meditations on the cards and their meaning in life.

But first, do a reading.

The Fool


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