The Cards

Pull out your deck. Pick the cards up. Notice their weight, their size, the pictures. Do an overhand shuffle. Try a riffle shuffle. Cut the deck.

How was it? A little awkward, a little clumsy? That’s alright, it’s meant to be.

Look at the pictures. How do they look? How do you feel looking at them?

If you have a different deck, pull it out. Look at those pictures. How do they look? How do you feel looking at them? Notice any differences?

One of the nice things about Tarot is that the cards work as art. And art communicates. Notice the communication. Are you comfortable with it?

Tarot is cards. Just over sized card stock with fancy pictures on them. No different in form or being than any other cards. In fact, Tarot cards are descended from the same cards that bridge and poker cards have. The Tarot has simply added an allegorical trump suit.

Pick up your deck and separate the cards into the four suits, court cards, and the trumps or majors.

First lay out the majors. These represent universal archetypes or eternal truths. These pictures are heavy in symbolism to represent universal truths.

Look at the court cards. These represent either aspects of the person being read, or significant individuals in their life.

Look at the suit cards. Do they use picture scenes, or just numbered suit symbols? If your deck uses scenes, see if you can see any trends or themes within each suit. These cards represent the archetypes playing out, for good and bad, in the world.

The tarot is similar in nature to the I Ching (Yì Jīng), only western in cultural reference and decimal in numeration.

Now let’s do a reading. Pick up the cards and shuffle it a few times. Think about a question or issue. Perhaps how your day will go tomorrow. Shuffle a few more times. When you feel ready cut the deck.

Now lay out the first card in front of you. That represents you. Look at the picture. See anything? It’s alright if you don’t.

Lay the second card to the left of the first. That’s what is behind you. Lay the third card to the right of the first two cards. That’s what is ahead of you.

Look at the pictures. How do they relate. Do you see yourself in any of the three pictures? What are you doing. Do any of the cards represent someone you know?

Make up a story about how the three pictures are related. Does the story fit you? If it doesn’t, are you in denial?

Now put the reading somewhere it will be safe. Or, just write it down. At the end of the next day look at it again. How did your story fit what actually happened? Would you change your story? How about that wild haired idea that you thought of, and discarded because it was too out there. How accurate was it?

This is a process of learning to trust your intuition.

The High Priestess


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