Conver is a 17th century Tarot de Marseilles type II deck. It is perhaps the most popular Tarot de Marseilles deck with multiple vendors selling modern versions including: Lo Scarabeo, Héron, Camoin, and Grimaud.

More information can be found at Tarotpedia, Tarot Hermit, and Andy’s Playing Cards.

Card images were found at

More card images: Staffs, Cups, Swords, and Coins.


One Response to Conver

  1. Yves Le Marseillais says:

    Hello Dennis,

    This Conver you shows is date around 1860 and not 1760.
    Even Conver 1760 from BnF Paris is not from 1760 but from early 1800.
    I never saw up today a real 1760 version.

    So many of us are confused with Conver story anyway.

    Congratulations for your Web site and last showed pictures of Bolognèse Tarot.
    It gave me intention to buy high def scans of it to BnF.

    You knows that I am nut of Historical Tarot decks.

    Salutations from Marseille City Capitale of Tarot
    France Old €urope

    Yves Le Marseillais

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