As I was adding the finishing touches to the Cary-Yale pages I realized what I wanted to accomplish with this website.

When I take out my Rider-Universal-Albano-Waite-Smith deck I want to know the meaning of the cards. I want to know not because someone told me, not because I read it somewhere, I want to know because I know.

Which is more complicated than it sounds, even without getting into epistemology, because there isn’t one true meaning to tarot.

Just as there isn’t one true meaning to life. We create meaning. We are born with meaning. We have collective agreements on meaning. We accept others meaning. We have meaning thrust upon us. We carry multiple lifetimes of meaning. And perhaps even God gives us meaning.

It would take a lifetime, and probably an enlightenment experience of three to sort it all out. And when we were done, there still would not be a simple one true meaning to life.

And the tarot reflects this.

What is the High Priestess?

A deceptive/holy woman who became Pope? The clergy working under the Popes direction? The leader of God’s church tortured and killed for her beliefs? The sacred feminine that initiated and gave birth to the universe? The plain and simple people that God said would inherit the earth?

Good question. I don’t know.

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